Mail Handling (Beginning)

Recipients of the Mail Handling credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Postage
(a) Weighed piece of mail on scale using the first class chart and recorded amount. (Evaluator may want to change contents of envelope to vary weight)
(b) Correctly computed postal costs for mail weighing more than 1 lb. by using “Priority Mail”, “First Class” and “Express Mail” charts.

Activity 2 – Package Wrapping and Postage
(a) Rolled sheets of paper, placed them in the tube, wrapped the tape around each end of the tube and neatly sealed tube ends.
(b) Weighed tubing and recorded 1st class postage on a piece of paper.
(c) Prepared a cardboard shield for the scissors, wrapped the scissors in several thicknesses of newspaper, and placed them in the box. Placed crushed newspapers in the box to fill up empty space.
(d) Taped flaps or edges of the box shut.
(e) Wrapped the box in paper by: – Holding one free end of paper roll at the center of top of box and wrapping under, over, and under to center of bottom of box; taped free edge of paper with tape. – Folded down paper at one end, folded side flaps of paper
to center, folded up the bottom flap; and taped the free edge of the paper. Completed operation on both ends.
(f) Printed address on label and placed on the lower right hand section of the package.
(g) Printed sender name and completed address on label and placed on upper left hand section of the package.
(h) Weighed package on the scale.
(i) Computed postage by weight and recorded amount on a piece of paper.
(j) Unwrapped tube and box and returned materials to kit.

Activity 3 – Incoming Mail
(a) Placed each card (envelope) in the correct slot in the mail sorter.

Activity 4 – Geographic Areas (Zip Codes)
(a) Determined correct answers using ZIP code map.

Activity 5 – Writing To A City
(a) Looked up chosen city in Zip Code directory and wrote Post Office for city listings and zones.

Activity 6 – Sectional Centers
(a) Wrote or called local Post Office to find state’s Sectional Centers.
(b) Listed cities with Sectional Centers.
(c) Looked up Zip Codes for Sectional Centers and underlined names on state map

Activity 7 – Towns Served by Sectional Centers
(a) Find out Sectional Center for hometown and what other towns are in coverage area.
(b) Made list of towns served by local Sectional Center.
(c) Circled towns on state map served by Sectional Center.

Activity 8 – Standard Mailing
(a) Sorted envelopes into piles by states.
(b) Sorted envelopes for a state by identical ZIP code number.
(c) Put a rubber band around each bundle, and wrote the ZIP code on a piece of paper and put the piece of paper on the top of the bundle.
(d) Bundled and marked all envelopes having the same first 3 digits in their ZIP code.
(e) Sorted all envelopes that go to same city in a bundle and placed a rubber band around the bundle
(f) Bundled and marked (10 envelopes per group) all pieces of mail that go to one state.
(g) Bundled and marked “mixed states” bundle.
(h) Unbanded bundles and mixed up for next user.

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