Minnesota Implementation Videos

Education Associates is the leading provider of career education and practical life skills for all learners, including those with special needs and at risk. We offer schools, youth providers, adult organizations and educators the most comprehensive career exploration, job preparation and life skills curriculum available. While we have relationships with schools and organizations in all 50 states and several territories, we want to recognize Minnesota as a leader in preparing students to be Job Ready and Life Ready!

CLICK THE IMAGES to witness Minnesota educators and their students explore three different Project Discovery hands-on kits: Grocery Clerking, Child Care, and Skin & Nail Care:

Angila Schmidke Teaches Grocery Clerking

Ms. Schmidke demonstrates the benefits of the hands-on instruction, video modeling and other activities built into Project Discovery Adapted Grocery Clerking!  These Burnsville, MN students gain hands-on experience sorting food, bagging groceries, marking prices, sorting money and facing shelves.

Deb Goodman Teaches Child Care

Watch as students in Ms. Goodman’s North Branch, MN class tackle the challenges of Child Care. Through this Project Discovery Adapted module, students learn proper techniques for holding an infant, how to feed an infant, how to diaper an infant, and more!

Stacy Johnstone Teaches Skin & Nail Care

Ms. Johnstone and her North Branch, MN class explore activities performed by cosmetologists and nail technicians, including setting up nail care stations and identifying skin and nail care products.  These lessons also provide valuable health & hygiene skills for the class!

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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