Planning Healthy Meals (Platinum)

Recipients of the Planning Healthy Meals (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. Explain the ‘MyPlate’ food plan.
2. List and describe the five food groups from the ‘MyPlate’ food plan.
3. Define calorie.
4. Describe portion size and give examples of 5 common portion sizes.
5. List the guidelines to build a healthy plate.
6. List the foods that you should decrease to have a healthy plate.
7. List the foods that you should increase to have a healthy plate.
8. Describe in detail the guidelines for making the best healthy choices for each of the following:

a) vegetables
b) fruits
c) grains
d) protein
e) dairy

9. Define nutrition.
10. Compare and contrast “bad fats” or solids and “good fats” or oils.

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