Renting an Apartment (Platinum)

Recipients of the Renting an Apartment (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed  the following tasks:

1. List and describe three different types of apartments.
2. Define what it means when an apartment is “furnished”, and why it is important to know.
3. Discuss three important considerations to make when choosing an apartment.
4. Describe how to determine a rent figure that will be within your budget.
5. List five questions to ask when looking at an apartment.
6. Define “security deposit.”
7. Define the following: lessor, lessee, landlord, lease, evict, late fee
8. Define “house rules” and give examples.
9. Explain why it is important to pay your rent on time.
10. List three examples of breaking a lease
11. Explain why it is important to understand completely a lease before you sign it.
12. Explain why it’s important to check for damage when you first move into an apartment.

For more information on digital badge credentialing, check out the Education Associates’ Quick-Start Guide.

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