Retail Trades (Enhanced Skills)

Recipients of the Retail Trades (Enhanced Skills) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Advertising Promotion:

  1. Define advertising
  2. Explain the role of advertising
  3. List the reasons for advertising
  4. List the forms of advertising media and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  5. Prepare an ad incorporating one or more forms of media
  6. Promote business image


  1. Explain the nature of effective verbal communication
  2. Use the telephone in a businesslike manner
  3. Listen to and follow directions
  4. Explain the nature of confidential information
  5. Report status/progress to management
  6. Explain the importance of nonverbal communication
  7. Demonstrate effective customer service skills

Visual Merchandising:

  1. Plan and/or schedule displays or themes
  2. Arrange display products to produce harmony, balance, proportion
  3. Explain the effect of visual merchandising
  4. Select and use display fixtures
  5. Explain common types of displays
  6. Coordinate display contents to match specific needs


  1. Maintain inventory systems
  2. Explain the purpose and importance of credit
  3. Interpret/explain credit policies
  4. Operate register/point-of-sale/calculator
  5. Explain the concept of market and market identification
  6. Price and mark stock
  7. Explain functions of store maintenance and housekeeping duties
  8. Explain pricing policies
  9. Process returned/damaged product
  10. Understand terms and conditions necessary to negotiate with suppliers
  11. Explain the relationship of UPC and computers to business
  12. Compare advantages and disadvantages of credit card use


  1. Understand the concept of supply and demand
  2. Describe the concept of economic goods and services

Sales and Selling:

  1. Define the role of special customer services
  2. Determine the customer/client needs and buying motives
  3. Make effective sales presentations
  4. Handle customer objections/complaints
  5. Wrap/package/mail merchandise
  6. Understand the concept of upselling the customer

Human Relations:

  1. Identify leadership traits
  2. Accept/implement policies and procedures
  3. Demonstrate a positive attitude
  4. Explain the importance of human relations in business
  5. Explain the concept of understanding self and others
  6. Develop personality traits important to business
  7. Demonstrate ethics, honesty and integrity
  8. Demonstrate initiative
  9. Maintain appropriate personal appearance
  10. Demonstrate ability to get along with difficult people


  1. Apply knowledge of retail mathematics
  2. Calculate price changes and markup
  3. Complete a deposit slip
  4. Calculate amount of purchase, tax, discounts, and special charges for purchases
  5. Demonstrate the ability to understand a financial statement


  1. State the advantages of small business ownership
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of all aspects of the industry


  1. Use safety precautions
  2. Displays a safe attitude when working

Career Development:

  1. Identify positions along the career ladder
  2. Examine personality traits important to business
  3. Recognize employment opportunities

Job search, job survival and life skills:

  1. Completes a personal data sheet
  2. Completes a job application
  3. Conducts a job search
  4. Prepares a resume
  5. Prepares a cover letter
  6. Demonstrates effective interview skills
  7. Demonstrates effective job keeping skills
  8. Demonstrates life skills

Student demonstrates work ethics/employability skills:

  1. Reports to work area and dresses appropriately for work.
  2. Has all supplies needed to perform work
  3. Starts work promptly
  4. Asks instructor for assistance if needed.
  5. Stays on task. (Does not abuse bathroom or water breaks)
  6. Demonstrates correct social skills at all times.
  7. Asks instructor for work assignment if necessary
  8. Cleans up work area at the end of the period without being asked
  9. Works cooperatively with others on group projects
  10. Works independently after being assigned a task
  11. Accepts constructive criticism
  12. Notifies school/employer of absence or tardiness
  13. Accepts and performs additional tasks willingly
  14. List desirable employee traits
  15. Identify sources of employment information
  16. Demonstrate decision-making skills
  17. Demonstrate knowledge of skills required of the occupation


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