Sales Rep Resources

Sales Rep Resources

Our Preview Packet is an INTERACTIVE Electronic Preview of the solutions your customers need!  They can download the PDF and then use the left-hand navigation to browse the packet.  Click on buttons, photos and other elements to gain an in-depth perspective!


Training & Site License Information Downloads

Download this document to share with your customers:

Download this document for your own reference:

Download our NEW Revised Site License Addendum for ’20 – ’21:

Bureau of Indian Education

Education Associates’ Career Exploration and Life Skills curriculum has been utilized at a number of Tribal Schools that are part of the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE). You can use this flyer to help open doors with similar schools!


Deaf & Visually Impaired

Education Associates’ Career Exploration and Life Skills curriculum uses a dynamic, hands-on approach to student engagement and is accessible by students who are deaf and/or visually impaired.

Social &  Emotional Learning  (SEL)

Students need excellent social and emotional skills to become
job and life ready! This package provides key social skills
and life skills for learners to prepare them to successfully
communicate, interact and perform at home, in school and at a
job. Opportunity is provided to earn Digital Badge Credentials
for mastering skills in the package.

Science, Technology,  Engineering   &  Math  (STEM)

Students with special needs can enjoy rewarding careers in
STEM fields! To achieve success in jobs related to CTE and
STEM, students must possess the ability to show educators
and employers the skills they have. Our toolkits provide the
opportunity for students with special needs to discover their
career interests, gain entry-level job skills and showcase these
abilities to educators and employers!

Letters for your Customers!

Use this letter to reach out to customers who are interested in Remote Learning Solutions.

Use this letter to reach out to customers who have downloaded our Complimentary Public Health Curriculum.

Use this letter to reach out to customers at Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

Use this letter to reach out to customers interested in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL).

Use this letter to reach out to customers interested in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) for Special Education.

Sales Rep Webinars

Watch the Recordings from Tim’s Sales Rep Webinars!

Download the Slides from Tim’s Sales Rep Webinars!

40th Anniversary Flyer

Download our 40th Anniversary Flyer to help promote this great special!

Proposal Request Form

Download a blank Proposal Request Form!  Return the completed form to Kim Gossett and Ben Lovell


Materials Request Form

Download a blank Materials Request Form (MRF).  3-4 weeks before your event, email it to Ben Lovell so that we can equip you for sales success!


Price List

Download, print and email Education Associates full price list, organized by series.


DBC Pricing & Policy Flyer

Use this informative flyer to educate your customers about Digital Badge Credential subscriptions!



Kiosk Slides

Play this automated slide show for visual interest at a conference booth! Ask Ben Lovell for a PowerPoint version to keep on your computer.

Overview Brochure

Education Associates is proud to provide hands-on career exploration with Project Discovery and a competency-based approach to everyday living with Achieve Life Skills. Learn about all of our robust offerings with this 24-page Overview Brochure!



Explore all of our Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills series and titles with this comprehensive 60-page catalog!

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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