Skills For Buying A Car (Platinum)

Recipients of the Skills For Buying A Car (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

1. List six different types of cars available.
2. Describe a compact car, sedan, sports car, and truck, including cost, size, gas mileage and number of doors.
3. Explain why insurance is important when owning a car.
4. Explain why insurance is usually higher on a sports car than other types of cars.
5. Explain why it is important to make a checklist before starting your car shopping and what information should be included.
6. Explain why it is important to take a car that you’re seriously considering buying to a mechanic you trust.
7. Explain the term to “negotiate” the price of a car.
8. Define “Blue Book” and explain its value when car shopping.
9. Explain the term “trade in.”
10. List three ways to pay for a car.
11. Discuss two additional responsibilities involved in buying a car besides the cost.

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