Small Engine Repair (Advanced)

Recipients of the Small Engine Repair credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Activity 1 – Changing the Oil
(a) Reviewed the safety specifications and answered the thought questions.
(b) Put on the safety goggles and the disposable mask.
(c) Placed the drop cloth on your work surface. Put the block of wood on the drop cloth, and the engine on the block of wood.
(d) Located and pointed to the parts of the engine. Completed worksheet.
(e) Referred to the section on “Changing Engine Oil” in the Operator’s Manual if further instructions were needed.
(f) Pulled the spark plug wire off the spark plug.
(g) Pointed to the oil drain plug on the base. Took out the plug with an adjustable wrench.
(h) Drained the oil into the drain pan. Let the oil drain out.
(i) Put the drain plug back in. Tightened it with the wrench.
(j) Found the oil fill cap. Twisted and turned to take the cap out. Wiped the dipstick with a clean cloth.
(k) Found out the oil capacity for the engine.
(l) Put the funnel in the oil filler hole. Slowly poured oil into the engine just to the point of overflowing.
(m) Inserted the dipstick without turning or tightening. Removed the dipstick and looked to see where the oil was on the indicator.
(n) Put the oil fill cap back in and tightened it. Hooked up the spark plug wire to the spark plug.
(o) Disposed of the oil drained from the engine. Put materials away.

Activity 2 – Checking Compression
(a) Put the drop cloth on the work surface. Placed the engine on the dropcloth. Put on safety goggles and disposable mask. Unsnapped the spark plug wire.
(b) Pointed to the flywheel cover. Found the 3 bolts that hold the flywheel cover on the engine.
(c) Removed the bolts with the 5/16” socket and ratchet handle (used the socket extension if necessary).
(d) Took the flywheel cover off.
(e) Turned the flywheel counterclockwise until it was harder to turn. Turned the flywheel more until it was easier to turn.
(f) Gave the flywheel another quick spin counterclockwise to see if it rebounded quickly to show compression.
(g) Put the flywheel cover back on and put tools away.

Activity 3 – Checking the Valve Settings
(a) Put on safety goggles and mask. Prepared work surface with drop cloth. Unsnapped the spark plug wire.
(b) Removed the valve cover with the correct socket, extension (if necessary) and ratchet handle.
(c) Found page 90 in the Repair Manual (or page 10 in the Operator Manual) for specs for the valve clearance.
(d) Used the blade feeler gauge to measure the valve clearance.
(e) Inspected the valve cover gasket.
(f) Put the valve gasket and valve cover back on. Put materials away.

Activity 4 – Checking the Spark Plug
(a) Made sure the drop cloth covered the work surface. Put on goggles, mask and gloves.
(b) Located the spark plug on the engine. Pulled off the spark plug wire.
(c) Put the spark plug socket on the extension, then put the extension on the ratchet handle.
(d) Turned the socket counterclockwise to loosen the spark plug until it was free from the engine. Took off gloves if necessary.
(e) Put the gloves back on. Cleaned the spark plug with the wire brush. Looked at the plug to determine if it had a cracked insulator, heavy deposits or worn electrode.
(f) Put the edge of the gap gauge into the spark plug starting at .020 on the gap gauge.
(g) Rotated the gauge clockwise until it reached .030.
(h) If the gap was too large or too small, bent the electrode up or down with the gauge. Checked the gap again and adjusted as necessary until .030.
(i) Screwed the spark plug back into the engine head. Screwed it in with fingers until it was tight. Put materials away.

Activity 5 – Removing and Cleaning the Air Filter Cartridge
(a) Put on safety goggles and mask. Prepared work surface with drop cloth.
(b) Removed and cleaned the air filter cartridge following manual instructions.
(c) Put materials and tools away.

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