Weight Control & Physical Activity (Platinum)

Recipients of the Weight Control & Physical Activity (Platinum Level) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

1. Define, underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obese.
2. Contrast the terms: maintaining weight, losing weight, and gaining weight.
3. List 5 guidelines for planning healthy meals and snacks.
4. Explain emotional eating and the relationship to comfort food.
5. Contrast physical hunger and emotional hunger.
6. Describe the purpose of a food journal and list the things that should be included.
7. Describe and give 2 examples of the following physical activities:

A. Aerobic
B. Muscle-strengthening
C. Bone-strengthening
D. Balance and stretching

8. List 5 health risk factors as a result of being overweight.
9. Define empty calories and give 5 popular sources of empty calories.

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