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Project: Discovery

“Every student should dream of what they can be… This curriculum enables more students to embrace different outcomes.” – N. Loch

Explore. Experience. Learn.

Learners will explore, experience, learn and develop real life job skills with actual tasks and job tools while reinforcing core academic skills. Students who learn by doing will excel and enhance their opportunities in the workforce and will be Job Ready.

Project Discovery is a great teaching resource! The hands-on activities are great… It’s the only curriculum I’ve used that has a wide enough variety for all levels… There’s almost always something that works for my highest and lowest-functioning students. The variety of job fields covered is good - students are learning things I would not have thought to teach.

K. Manley

Special Education Teacher, Jefferson County, AL

As one instructor noted, Project Discovery “is almost like on-the-job training”. Students are prepared to enter the world of work because they perform the actual work tasks of a specific occupation. They are introduced to workers in the field and are provided the tools to leave high school with at least entry-level work skills.

Dr. Izzo

The Ohio State University, OH

Lori Dyer explains why Believers Academy chose Education Associates to improve results for their students.

What’s In A Kit?

  • Classroom-ready instructions
  • Engaging activities to motivate your students
  • Knowledge & performance-based assessments
  • Rewarding students
  • Easy customization
  • Specifically designed special education versions
  • Real tools for real job skills
  • Involving parents
  • Real voice audio
  • Mobile storage made simple
Project Discovery Kit Picture

  • Career Awareness

    Introduction to career pathways

  • Career Exploration

    Over 100 career choices to help students find their future

  • Adapted

    Opening career doors for students with autism and other significant challenges

  • Job Skills Training

    Building marketable skills for high demand jobs

Different levels for different learners.

  • Hands-on modules designed to introduce elementary students to career clusters. Learners will use real tools to gain exposure to career fields such as medical careers, construction and public services.

  • Finding Career Passions and Learn by Doing. Learners will explore, practice and learn real job skills with real job tools to be JOB READY. Meeting all students where they are. Differentiated instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners.

  • A dynamic hands-on career education program specifically designed to provide individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore careers, learn about their passions and interests, and gain work and life skills.

    • Hands-on job skills training series to prepare learners grades 10-12 and ages 18-21+ for entry-level work by developing marketable job skills. Competency-based, day-by-day detailed lessons skillfully prepare students for the workplace. Students learn job-related skills, life skills, academic skills, workplace safety. They exit the program with a certificate of skills completion for a successful transition to employment.
    • Offered at two progressive levels for continuing studies: Basic and Enhanced
    • 90-day programs for each Basic and Enhanced title

Career Exploration: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced

Adapted Curriculum

Basic Skills Training

Enhanced Skills Training

What Level is Right for my Learners?

We’ve created a simple checklist for you to explore the best options and resources for your individual students’ needs.

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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