Develop Marketable Skills
to Pursue Your Purpose.

Job Skills Training

Job Skills Training

Participants Learn Job-Related Skills, Life Skills, Academic Skills and Workplace Safety.

Hands-on training series to prepare learners grades 10-12 and ages 18-21+ for entry level work by developing marketable skills. Competency based, day-by-day detailed lessons skillfully prepare learners for the workplace. Participants learn job-related skills, life skills, academic skills and workplace safety. Learners exit the program with a certificate of skills completion for a successful transition to employment.

  • 18 Hands-on Kits Training for 100+ Careers!
  • Offered at two progressive levels for continuing studies: Basic & Enhanced

My auto detailing class has been hired by a local company to detail their corporate fleet of cars which will generate $4,000.00 a year for our program.

M. Williams

Teacher, Aiken County Career Center, Aiken, SC
69 %

Average Increase in Test Scores for Carpenter's Helper - Montgomery, AL

What’s In a Kit?

  • Detailed Lesson Plans: 90 Hours with Each Module
  • Overview Chart for Day-by-Day Planning
  • Real Tools and Materials
  • Student Instructions
  • Special Education PowerPoints
  • Nationally-Based Competencies
  • Assessments
  • Student Activity Worksheets
  • Correlations to National and State Standards
  • Electronic Files (Word, PDF, PowerPoints)
  • Customizable Instructions
  • Delivery method supports self-paced, small or large groups
  • Certificates of Skills Completion

Curriculum Details

    • Students at this level will generally be working at or near grade level.
    • Students learning to live and work independently who may pursue post-high school education and training
    • EBD, LD, Mid to High Functioning ASD & ID
    • High School and 18-21 Year Old Programs

    Ideal for:

    • Students that can follow more detailed, multi-step instructions
    • Students that can perform higher levels of academic skill tasks
    • Supplement to any career and tech-ed curriculum
    • Students At Risk
    • 90 Days of Lesson Plans Semester 1
    • Knowledge-Based: Pre/Post Test
    • Performance-Based: Work Performance Benchmarks
    • Completion Certificate for each Skills Training kit completed
    • Two Reading Levels: 4-8 Grade, 2-4 Grade
    • Audio for Low and Non Readers
    • Ideal for an independent or peer group situation where students are learning to work on their own with less teacher supervision
    • Use hands-on tools with curriculum in print, on computer, iPad or combination

Curriculum Samples:


Download PDF

Lesson Plan

Download PDF

Pre/ Post Test

Download PDF

Scope & Sequence

Download PDF

Student Instructions

Download PDF

Work Performance Benchmarks

Download PDF

Basic Skills Training

Enhanced Skills Training

See how Luis, a student at Believers Academy in  West Palm Beach, Florida, applied the skills he  gained  through our curriculum!

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