Data Collection Tools for a Results-Driven World.


Included with every title, pre-tests and post-tests determine knowledge gained during kit activities and the impact on student career decision-making. Additional alternate assessments are provided in Adapted versions.

Work Performance Benchmarks

Benchmarks evaluate the student’s functional performance ability to complete kit tasks and provide documentation for IEPs.

Data Sheets

Progress tracking is included in the Adapted curriculum.

Work Performance Benchmarks in the Kits:

  • Provide a tool to evaluate the student’s functional ability to perform tasks.
  • Chart the student’s progress through the kit.
  • Identify the tasks involved in each kit.
  • Provide a competency-based approach to learning.
  • Teach tasks that must be successfully completed on the job.
  • Compare the knowledge, skills and abilities of the student to the actual job requirements.


These Benchmarks are being used effectively by special education and transition educators with IEPs to help document completion of skills.

This is More Progress Than We Hoped For.

Nicky Loch, a Vocational Coordinator at the South Washington County School District, needed alternate assessments and data to guide instructions and to manage compliance. They needed a coordinated set of activities, adaptable for each and every student.

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