A Realistic Approach to Real Jobs.


`The number one reason my teachers love it is because it’s hands-on.’ – B. Gilmer

Hands-On Career Education.

The Project Discovery Career Education and Transition System is a series of hands-on kits designed to provide learners of all ages with a realistic approach to career education and transition. Students actually get to experience real job tasks with real tools of the trade as they learn about their interests and abilities in a fun and meaningful manner.

  • Evidence-Based Practices In Elena's Classroom

  • Amy Introduces Table Service & Benchmarks

  • Stewart Home Classroom

Materials, Tools & Equipment to Perform over 1,400 Tasks!

Instructor’s Notes contain:

  • – Manipulative and cognitive skill requirements
  • – Math, language and reasoning skill levels
  • – Pre/Post Tests
  • – Work Performance Benchmarks
  • – Scope and Sequence implementation plan
  • – Student Activity Worksheets
  • – Job Qualifications Profiles

Student Instructions detail step by step the tasks to perform.

People generally retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear; 30% of what they see; 50% of what they see and hear; 70% of what they say; and 90% of what they DO and say.

Dr. Izzo

The Ohio State University, OH

The number one reason my teachers love it is because it’s hands-on. Students don’t just sit in front of a computer or have teacher instruction.

B. Gilmer

Director of Special Education, Lauderdale, AL

Students With Special Needs Explore Newfound Interests

“The fact that it was written by special education teachers, and that it uses all hands-on materials, was what impressed me about the product and set it apart from others.”

— A. Schuiteboer, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

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Life-learning begins with discovery.

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