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Easy Implementation. Every Learner. Every Setting.

  • Teacher-Based Instruction
  • Stations with Learning Centers
  • Team-Teaching Classrooms
  • Self-Directed Learning

Instructional Strategies

At Education Associates, our curriculum is designed by teachers for teachers, so the implementation is straightforward and intuitive.  Titles are extremely dynamic, allowing a broad range of strategies to match educators’ expertise and classroom needs.  Download our Instructional Strategies Guide to help you tailor our curriculum to your learners.

Whether you are in a self-contained classroom, an inclusion class or a job training center, our curriculum meets your needs with effective, evidence-based materials:

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Hands-On Tools & Materials
  • Student Instructions
  • Pre-Tests & Post-Test
  • Work Performance Benchmarks
  • Data Sheets
  • Progress Monitoring with both Knowledge-Based and Functional Performance Assessments

‘When I first started, I had to pull from this site & that site…’

‘With Project Discovery I did not have to do that. It’s all right there. Project Discovery has motivated my students.

In 3 out of 4 classes one of my students did nothing and when we practiced the food service program, he was up and moving around and he was a perfect little angel.’

J. Casselman, Special Education Teacher, Center Grove, IN

Multiple means of:

Representation Built-In
The curriculum can be presented in various ways (e.g. video models, live models, pictures, audio supports, communication supports).

Expression Allowed
The students can show mastery in various ways. This could include saying an answer, pointing to a picture or completing a hands-on task with a finished product.

Engagement Offered
The activities vary with materials  and types of activities (e.g. hands-on activities, video models, worksheets). Multiple means of engagement keep students engaged and wanting to learn.

Customization available. Digital files included!

Educators can offer all or some of the means of representation, expression and engagement to easily and effectively meet the needs of their specific learners.

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