Back-to-School Strategies For Students with Disabilities

Going back to school is not easy for any student. The prospect of a new school environment and new routines can be especially daunting for students with disabilities.

What will my classroom look like? Where will my locker be? Will my locker be too high?  What will my teacher be like? What will my school routine be like? Will I be able to get from my locker to my classroom easily? Where will I sit for lunch?

There is a lot to think about and to get ready for to start the school year the best way possible.

Below are some back-to-school transition tips The Mighty gathered from their community:

  1. “It’s a great teacher that helps the most. A teacher who doesn’t try to make my son fit her mold.”
  2. “It’s all about preparation. We have taken pictures of his new classroom and teachers and talk about it a lot.”
  3. “Verbally reminding my son school is going to start again soon.”
  4. “Visiting the school {and the classroom] the last week of August and meeting his new teacher”
  5. “Starting our earlier nighttime/bedtime routine at least a week before school starts.”
  6. Putting together a detailed visual calendar, complete with vacation days. This way your child can mark each day off and know what to expect with each coming week. There are less surprises and more to look forward to!
  7. Putting together a visual schedule for getting ready in the morning.
  8. “Review the schedule of the first day, so your child knows what to expect.”
  9. Walk through the school building with your child. Show him his locker, his new classroom, bathrooms, where he can sit for lunch, etc.
  10. Have fun getting new school supplies – having special school snacks, favorite treats, new shoes, and new clothes are great motivations for the upcoming year.

Thank you to The Mighty community for sharing their back-to-school advice!

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