Beyond the Gym, Three Small Tips to Add Big Value in Your Class

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May is National Physical Fitness Month. While this theme fits well within the purview of P.E. classes, reinforcing healthy habits can energize the classrooms too! Especially important during this time of finals and test taking. Check out the tips below for three easy ways to promote wellness for you and your students:

1. Deep Breaths Before Tests – Deep breathing eases anxiety and promotes focus. Start a classroom tradition by leading students in three deep breaths, each held for three seconds, before passing out a test or starting presentations. This is a great habit for managing stress whatever the situation.

2. Welcome The Water Bottle – Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and fuzzy thinking, none of which belong in your classroom! Encourage students to bring in a plastic or reusable water bottle and keep on sipping throughout the day. Good hydration habits can keep students on their toes in class and keep them safe now and through the hot summer months.

3. Stretch Breaks – Pep up sleepy students! Incorporate 1-minute stretch breaks during transitions between activities, lesson segments, or subjects. 15 seconds per stretch per side is sufficient for helping students become more aware of their bodies and more alert for the next activity. Encourage students to repeat stretch breaks at home when waking up in the morning, during TV commercials, or before bed.

Want more? The Project Discovery Life Skills curriculum and multimedia instruction equips students for healthy, independent living. Explore topics such as Planning Healthy Meals, Weight Control and Physical Activity, and Active Recreation to help get your classroom moving!

For more quick ideas about how to incorporate fitness in your classroom, check out Teacher and Coach Calhoun and his Move to Learn exercise break videos.

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