Downs Syndrome Can’t Slow Down This College Grad

Down syndrome is merely an obstacle, not an insurmountable barrier for Cameron”

“Cameron knew forever and a day that she wanted a career in beauty, hair care and make-up.”  But Hair Care and Cosmetology are regulated industries, explains Dondie Roper, Program Director at the Arc Gateway of Pensacola’s Program for Adult Learning and Support (PALS). “Without a license she was spending her days as a beauty salon intern folding towels, sweeping floors, and cleaning brushes.”  When she entered the PALS program, she was completely career focused so she could really accelerate her progress. Through the Arc Gateway’s PALS program, Cameron enrolled in Pensacola State’s Cosmetology Department. Dondie proudly shares that  “Cameron became the first individual with Downs Syndrome to graduate from the Pensacola State College Department of Cosmetology, and she went on to receive her State of Florida Esthetician’s License. Now she works as an Esthetician at the Escape Wellness Spa.” To read more about Cameron, please see “Down Syndrome Can’t Slow Down Pensacola Native”.

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