Hands-on learning to prepares students for the workplace

 Teachers know that businesses need employees who can collaborate with others. In fact, interviews with hundreds of employers indicate that applied social skills like problem solving, collaboration, and oral communication are critical for career success. A hands-on job skills curriculum naturally incorporates opportunities for students to develop these high-value teamwork skills.

When working together, students not only practice listening and problem solving, but also experience being valued for their unique abilities. In this article, former pediatrician and fourth-grade teacher, Dr. Anna Pollack, notes that when using hands-on activities in her classroom, “The kids discover that one person’s weakness is another person’s strength.” Hands-on learning enables a student to see that her strengths can contribute to the success of the team, while also helping her practice asking for help and learning from peers. Seeing value in the diverse abilities of classmates is foundational to the collaboration, problem solving, and communication skills necessary for students to thrive as employees.

Research-based and approved and validated by the Department of Education, Project Discovery is the only hands-on job skills curriculum of its kind, and teaching teamwork is just one benefit. Explore other advantages of Project Discovery here.

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