Employer Appreciates Job Readiness Skills!

Mike Way, Warehouse and Donations Manager at Resource Depot, a nonprofit organization in Florida, talks about his company’s employment of students with special challenges.

Mike says he appreciates his new employee, Ryan and his quick grasp of his job responsibilities.  He says, “Ryan gets his jobs done fast and right. He doesn’t shy away from more tasks and he obviously acquired good working skills at school.”

Ryan, a recent graduate of the Believers Academy, a charter school in the West Palm Beach School District, has difficulty communicating. His teachers prepared him with marketable job skills through the Project Discovery career exploration and job training curriculum.

Believers Academy has a 97% student employment rate and credits great teachers and career education programming for their high rate of transition success. Students can explore over 150 career and life skills kits with hands-on learning and real world job tools. Academic and work performance benchmarks help educators to effectively comply with transition and IDEA mandates. Ryan says with an incredible smile, “Project Discovery helped me do my job!”


All Kids Can Learn Job Skills!

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