New Guidelines Provide Vision for Special Education Policy in Charter Schools


The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools (NCSECS) recently released the Model Policy Guide: Leveraging Policy to Increase Access and Quality Opportunities for Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools. This tool is designed to help state lawmakers promote smart and effective special education policy in charter schools.

The Model Policy Guide provides information on the legal backdrop of special education policy and key issues within the charter school community, like enrollment, funding, and oversight. The goal of the Model Policy Guide is “to highlight the key considerations, to explain the circumstances behind them, and to offer model language that can serve as a template for state efforts to strengthen laws and regulations defining how students with disabilities are served in charter schools.” While created for lawmakers, the guide is an excellent resource for self-advocates, parents, teachers, and administrators who wish to maximize inclusiveness and equity in public education.

You can learn more about the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools and their work to ensure that students with disabilities have access to schools designed to enable all students to succeed by visiting their website.

Do you work in the charter school space? Look out for the Project Discovery team at the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, DC this month!

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