New Netflix Series to Feature Teenager on the Autism Spectrum

Ever wonder what it is like to experience life as a teenager on the autism spectrum? Is it really that much different from the trials and tribulations of any teenager? You can follow the story of high-school senior Sam Gardner as he navigates his way to becoming more independent. “Sam decides its time to go on a date, find a girlfriend and hopefully love, a journey that sets Sam’s mother on her own life-changing path.” The Netflix series Atypical will premier on Friday, August 11.

The story, meant to be a relatively light-hearted comedy, touches on real-life issues many individuals and families face on a daily basis. Series creator, Robia Rashid felt the series would be an excellent way engage viewers with a coming of age story that isn’t meant to be normal – because “no one’s normal“.

The 8-episode season is a great way to engage the world with the difficulties, joys, humorous events, and normalcy of life between childhood and adulthood – from a viewpoint that’s rarely seen and appreciated.

If you’re hoping to find an authentic approach to a comedy series, be refreshed by the fun reality of Atypical.

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