Want to Increase Your Students Engagement?

Are you looking for resources to actively engage your students in the classroom? Check out  3 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Through Hands-On Activities, which offers alternatives to teaching students only with a textbook. After a summer of “doing” things, students are longing for hands-on activities to facilitate learning.

Project-based learning is changing the process of the traditional classroom.  The practice of project-based learning is adaptable for every grade level and promotes critical thinking and peer communication through independently propelled student success. 

If you have another moment, take a look at “Five Keys to Rigorous Project-Based Learning” to learn how project-based learning can be incorporated into your classroom. In this video, Steven Zipkes, Principal at Mano New Tech High School in Manor, TX recognizes that “what we’ve done for the last hundred years, direct teaching, for some students it works, but for most students it doesn’t.  So, for us, project-based instruction is a way that we can reach all students and get them engaged.”

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