Different Levels
for Different Learners.

We are extremely proud that our Career Exploration: Adapted Series has earned an official endorsement from the Council of Administrators of Special Education.
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Opening Doors For Learners With the Most Challenges.

17 Hands-On Kits Exploring 100+ Careers!

A dynamic, hands-on career education program specifically designed to provide individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore careers, learn about their passions & interests, and become Job Ready. Life Ready.

  • Adapted curriculum ideal for low functioning learners with moderate to severe challenges
  • Includes two levels of instructions: Adapted & General Curriculum
  • Bridge to community employment and post-secondary options
  • Learners gain job skills and functional living skills
166 %

Average Increase in Food Service Test Scores - Lauderdale County, AL

What’s In A Kit?

Includes Proven Evidence-Based Strategies:

  • Adapted versions of student instructions
  • Simplified text & real-life pictures
  • Functional academic worksheets aligned with alternate assessments
  • Games and manipulatives
  • Role plays and Situation cards
  • Communication supports for core vocabulary
  • Assessments to assist with progress monitoring
  • Digital files with contents of all materials for easy technology compatibility
  • Social Stories for Community-Based Instruction experiences
  • Video Modeling
  • Visual Schedules
  • Data Sheets
  • Real Life Photography
  • Social Communication and Behavior Supports
  • System of Least Prompts and Time Delay
  • Assessments with Audio

Experience Our Curriculum

  • Hear It.

  • See it.

    Play It

  • Do it.

    Show Me

Dr. Amy Spriggs: Evidence-Based Practices

Learn more about our evidence-based approach.

This population of students struggles if you stand up at the front of the room and try to teach them something. They have to learn it within the context of doing something, and I think that is what has made the difference.

B. Gilmer

Director of Special Education, Lauderdale Co. Schools, AL

One of my students went through the Pet Care module and is now doing a Work Experience job with a local veterinarian. I’ve been told that this is probably going to turn into a real job for him after graduation.

K. Stark

Special Ed Teacher, Buffalo, MO

Curriculum Details

    • Word, PDF and PowerPoint files allow teachers to make desired changes easily.
    • Students with significant challenges
    • Profound, Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disability (ID)
    • Low Functioning ASD
    • 20+ days per title
    • Knowledge Based: Pre-Test / Post-Test
    • Performance Based: Work Performance Benchmarks
    • Completion certificate for each kit completed
    • Ideal for a teacher-led approach using hands-on tools, with curriculum printed, on computer, projector, Smart Board, iPad or combination.

Adapted Curriculum

Curriculum Samples

Adapted: Teaching Strategies

Download PDF

Scope & Sequence

Download PDF

Adapted Pre/Post Test

Download PPT

Adapted: First Look

Download PPT

Student Instructions

Download PPT

Data Sheets

Download PDF

Visual Schedule

Download PDF

Pattern Worksheet

Download PDF

Definition Worksheet

Download PDF

Vocabulary Boards

Download PDF

Bingo Game

Download PDF

Situation Cards

Download PDF

Social Stories

Download PDF

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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