Different Levels for Different Learners.

We are extremely proud that our Career Exploration: Adapted Series has earned an official endorsement from the Council of Administrators of Special Education.

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Opening Doors For Learners With the Most Challenges.

17 Hands-On Kits Exploring 100+ Careers!

A dynamic, hands-on career education program specifically designed to provide individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to explore careers, learn about their passions & interests, and become Job Ready. Life Ready.

  • Adapted curriculum ideal for low functioning learners with moderate to severe challenges
  • Includes two levels of instructions: Adapted & General Curriculum
  • Bridge to community employment and post-secondary options
  • Learners gain job skills and functional living skills
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Average Increase in Food Service Test Scores –

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What's In A Kit?

Includes Proven Evidence-Based Strategies:

  • Adapted versions of student instructions
  • Simplified text & real-life pictures
  • Functional academic worksheets aligned with alternate assessments
  • Games and manipulatives
  • Role plays and Situation cards
  • Communication supports for core vocabulary
  • Assessments to assist with progress monitoring
  • Digital files with contents of all materials for easy technology compatibility
  • Social Stories for Community-Based Instruction experiences
  • Video Modeling
  • Visual Schedules
  • Data Sheets
  • Real Life Photography
  • Social Communication and Behavior Supports
  • System of Least Prompts and Time Delay
  • Assessments with Audio

Experience Our Curriculum

Dr. Amy Spriggs: Evidence-Based Practices

Learn more about our evidence-based approach.

Curriculum Details

  • Word, PDF and PowerPoint files allow teachers to make desired changes easily.
  • Students with significant challenges
  • Profound, Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disability (ID)
  • Low Functioning ASD
  • 20+ days per title
  • Knowledge Based: Pre-Test / Post-Test
  • Performance Based: Work Performance Benchmarks
  • Completion certificate for each kit completed
  • Ideal for a teacher-led approach using hands-on tools, with curriculum printed, on computer, projector, Smart Board, iPad or combination.

Adapted Curriculum Titles