WIOA Pre-ETS Solutions for Success

To address WIOA Pre-ETS requirements, classroom instruction that allows for exploration and skill development is essential in a student’s movement from school to the community.  Exploration needs to be varied and progressive – jobs and careers explored in the classroom need to relate to opportunities found in the greater community.  Instruction needs to be engaging and utilize elements that support learning of all student ability levels.  Evidence-based strategies must be included to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes for students with disabilities.

The Project Discovery curriculum developed by Education Associates, Inc. provides a comprehensive career exploration, skills training and independent living program for ALL levels of students with special needs.  This includes students with severe disabilities all the way through to students who are high functioning, or at risk of not graduating.  Project Discovery includes evidence-based practices such as hands-on activities, video modeling, visual schedules, data sheets/progress monitoring, audio supports, and knowledge and performance-based assessments.  Project Discovery truly helps students to practice and improve their workplace skills, to consider their career interests and to get real world work experience.

Through Project Discovery students will:

  • Use real-world tools to perform real job skills
  • Learn about their career passions and interests
  • Make better informed career decisions
  • Gain workplace entry level skills
  • Gain independent living skills in such areas as job readiness, getting and keeping a job, self-confidence and social skills, and money management skills

Project Discovery supports student progress in the three areas of transition; movement towards post-secondary training and education, employment, and/or independent living.

Project Discovery is a U. S. Dept. of Education nationally validated and approved hands-on career education curriculum to help students learn about their career passions and interests, gain valuable entry level skills and help students gain independent living skills.  Project Discovery consists of a series of hands-on kits where students use real tools of the trade to perform real-world job tasks.  Adapted versions of our kits provide those students with the most significant challenges, the opportunity to explore careers with our differentiated instructional components as well.  (Adapted versions include not only specially designed materials for students with IQs < 55, but also the general education components as well).  Project Discovery provides a meaningful and realistic way to provide broad and varied career exposure and experiences to students.

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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