Healthy New Year! Healthy Habits for You and Your Students

healthy living 2What do you see when you think, “healthy”? A plate of veggies, a bottle of water, or maybe some sneakers come to mind. The things associated with “healthy” are different for everyone, based on our environment, community, and personal preferences. There is an abundance of information available on healthy living, but finding quality information that is relevant to our lives is challenging! When it comes to our bodies, a one size fits all approach may not really fit anyone.


Schools play a leading role in sharing high-quality and community-relevant health information to young people. Consider this: if information on nutrition, hygiene, and physical activity isn’t learned at school, where would students get it? Magazines, TV commercials, and internet searches can yield conflicting and misleading information. While some students may learn health and nutrition information at home, sharing these tips and building healthy habits at school ensures access for all students.


Teachers work hard to ensure their students are ready for the world, and many recognize health and nutrition learning as keys to successful independent living. Learn more here about fun and easy ways to bring more health and nutrition learning into your classroom.


Interested in adding health and nutrition curriculum in your classroom? Project Discovery can help! Our  unique multimedia series prepares students with different functioning levels with the skills for healthy, independent living. Each package in this dynamic series provides TWO LEVELS of materials-3rd-4th grade reading level and 6th-8th grade reading level. Learn more here.


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