Los Angeles County Office of Education selects Project Discovery & Life Skills Series to be Implemented for the Department of Justice

(Louisville, KY May 21, 2018)– Education Associates, developer of Project Discovery, the leading hands-on career education and life skills program solution for every learner, is pleased to announce the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Department of Juvenile Justice has the comprehensive library of Project Discovery Employability and Life Skills curriculum and multimedia instruction to assist students in its juvenile facilities county-wide.

Project Discovery was selected for the ability to customize its curriculum to meet the unique needs of the LACOE juvenile student population. With the diverse and robust curriculum offered, students will have the opportunity to learn key skills in financial literacy; securing and keeping a job; independent living skills, conflict resolution; problem-solving; social skills; and making healthy lifestyle choices.

LACOE is committed to preparing its participants to meet the demands of today’s workplace and possess the job and life skills they need to successfully transition back into their communities. “This will make my job easier as a teacher and help my students meet academic and transition goals,” says Bola Ogbechie, LACOE instructor. “It is very appropriate for my students’ different reading and emotional needs.”

“The different Project Discovery Employability and Life Skills modules LACOE has chosen will truly empower these youths” states Tim Hagan, President of Education Associates. “Los Angeles County is definitely ‘walking the walk’ by providing them with the tools they need to secure good jobs and stay employed, while simultaneously developing the life skills they need to lead successful independent lives.”


 Education Associates is the developer of Project Discovery, the leading comprehensive career education, job preparation, and life skills programs for all learners, including those with special needs. Education Associates empowers educators and workforce development leaders to help all students realize their potential. Education Associates believes everyone can become “Job Ready and Life Ready” to live the vibrant, independent lives they deserve. For more information visit https://educationassociates.com.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Department of Juvenile Justice, a major partner with the Los Angeles County Probation Department and other agencies in addressing the needs of youth in the nation’s largest juvenile justice system, provides a second chance at school success. Some 1,200 incarcerated and at-risk youth depend on LACOE to provide specialized instruction and educational services each day at 11 sites that include juvenile halls, probation camps and treatment centers. Our goal is to prepare youth for a successful transition back into the community with the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. For further information visit https://www.lacoe.edu/LACOESchools/JuvenileCourtSchools.

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