The Future of Learning

(’s blog starts with a thought experiment.  Think with us for a moment about your favorite activity. Maybe it’s gardening, playing a sport, or even watching movies. Now, think about how you would teach someone else to love what you love. Would you write them a book about how to play tennis? That’s probably not the first thing that came to mind! Most of us would actually invite a learner to do our favorite activity with us. Learning by doing is intuitive and fun.


Hands – On and Hand – Picked

Research with students in the Pittsburgh area have found that, if given the chance to “Remake Education,” current students would create, “classes that mean a lot to us and that help us to find our passion.” But, career exploration and preparedness education still often relies on aptitude tests and job descriptions. How can we help students find their passion if our career education courses aren’t engaging?


Help Students Find and Pursue Their Passion

Project Discovery is here to help teachers help their students become Job Ready. Life Ready. We provide the highest quality hands-on career education and practical life skills for each student including those at-risk and with special needs. Our career exploration and skills training kits allow students to use real tools to complete real job skills. This kind of experiential learning is critical to empowering students to see the possibilities and realize their full potential. The best part is that teachers can implement this research-based and peer-reviewed curriculum, even without prior experience in the job field. Learn more about how Project Discovery can bring the future of personalized, hands-on learning into your classroom.

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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