Disability Mentoring Day. A Positive Step for Your Students to the Workplace

There are a number of ways to honor National Disability Employment Awareness Month.


We recently posted a blog about the increasing numbers of employers who are opening their doors to those with disabilities. Our goal is to get students, each and every student, job ready to confidently approach and enter those open doors.


How can you honor and create awareness about employment for the disabled in your classroom?


The Department of Labor has created a comprehensive list of ways for anyone or any organization to do so.


We want to specifically highlight Disability Mentoring Day. Although this day is specifically held on the 3rd Wednesday of every October, there are no limits to those with disabilities and there are no limits to when you can host a Disability Mentoring Day!


This day is centered around career development for youth with disabilities. This can be done through a multitude of ways! Get creative and consider how you can help your students prepare for the future. Whether you bring in a guest speaker to talk about a career, provide hands-on learning experiences, experiential learning, or other mentoring opportunities, don’t miss out on your opportunity to help your students learn life and job skills that they’ll use the rest of their lives!


In the interest of inclusion, you don’t even need to call your mentoring day a “Disability Mentoring Day”. All students look forward to a mentoring day!


If you do host a mentoring day, the key will be to make sure your presenter or mentor addresses career readiness and workforce transition strategies for everyone, including those with disabilities.


As always, we’re here to help. If you feel the desire to do more this year for the students with disabilities in your classroom and you need more information, you can always contact us or check out some of Project Discovery’s awesome student success stories and proven results.

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