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Proven Resources for Kentucky Alternate Diploma Courses

By creating custom curriculum packages, Education Associates has aligned our proven, hands-on career exploration kits and comprehensive life skills titles to Kentucky’s Special Education Courses for the Alternate Diploma. These custom curriculum packages support courses in: – Developing Career Options – Experience in Workplace Principles – Daily Living Skills – Basic Money Skills – Money …

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Fresh Pets, Fresh Skills

Dog Washes Teach Intellectually Disabled How To Care For Animals By: Suzanne Garofalo Originally Published: Houston Chronicle 3/29/19 This was clearly not Mocha’s first visit to the groomer. Nothing about the water, lather, blow-dryer or brush fazed the fuzzy little dog. She seemed to know she was in capable, loving hands. Those hands belong to …

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Local Students Prepare for the Workforce

Project Discovery ‘Job Ready’ Curriculum from Education Associates is improving the odds of successful employment for students in the Crosby-Ironton School District. This past fall, the Special Education Department at Crosby-Ironton High School received a grant in the amount of $25,000 from Hallett Charitable Trust to invest in 10 Career Exploration Kits from the Project …

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Best Practices In Transition: South Carolina Implementing a Specific Employability Component for Its High School Credential

South Carolina is leading the way with a blueprint program for transition success. The new South Carolina High School Credential provides a guide for students to receive specific instruction in areas such as career cluster awareness, communication, employability skills, social skills and healthy lifestyles. “South Carolina has roughly 100,000 students with disabilities serviced under the Individuals with …

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Training For Life!

For students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, such as autism or Down syndrome, the prospects for living and working independently can be limited. The right curriculum and instructional approach can make a big difference, though. These tools can help students with special needs develop critical skills for work and life. Virginia Beach City Public …

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7 steps to success in work and life for all students

As educators, we have a responsibility to all students to not only help them achieve academically, but to also prepare them for life as productive, contributing, global citizens. For our students with disabilities, this is a more involved and comprehensive process. These students require repetition and hands-on experiences to acquire the skills necessary for success …

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Smithsonian Puts Spotlight On Special Olympics

With a new exhibit, the Smithsonian Institution is highlighting how athletics have helped to dramatically change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities over the last 50 years. The display “Special Olympics at 50” was unveiled this month at the National Museum of American History in Washington just as the international sporting movement is celebrating …

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‘Planning Career Goals’ Learning Program’ Selected As EdTech Awards Finalist

Education Associates, developer of Project Discovery, the leading hands-on career education and life skills curriculum for every learner, is pleased to announce that its ‘Planning Career Goals’ Lifelong Learning program has been named a Cool Tool Award Finalist in the prestigious EdTech Awards presented by EdTech Digest. This empowering software program teaches learners the skills …

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The Future of Learning

Today’s blog starts with a thought experiment.  Think with us for a moment about your favorite activity. Maybe it’s gardening, playing a sport, or even watching movies. Now, think about how you would teach someone else to love what you love. Would you write them a book about how to play tennis? That’s probably not …

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Los Angeles County Office of Education selects Project Discovery & Life Skills Series to be Implemented for the Department of Justice

(Louisville, KY – May 21, 2018)– Education Associates, developer of Project Discovery, the leading hands-on career education and life skills program solution for every learner, is pleased to announce the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Department of Juvenile Justice has the comprehensive library of Project Discovery Employability and Life Skills curriculum and multimedia …

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