Table Service (Adapted)

Recipients of the Table Service (Adapted) credential have demonstrated concept proficiency and completed the following tasks:

Activity 1: Setting a Table

1.      Gather all materials.
2.      Wash your hands.
3.      Wipe the table.
4.      Place the placemat on the table.
5.      Put plate on the placemat to match the picture.
6.      Put the knife on the placemat.
7.      Put the spoon on the placemat.
8.     Place the napkin on the placemat.
9.     Place the fork on the napkin on the placemat.
10.   Fill a glass ¾ full of water. Place it on the mat.
11.   Put a menu on the plate.
12.   Have your teacher check your work.
13.   Get a bus tub and put all the dishes in it.
14.   Put all the things away.
15.   Wipe the table.
16.   Wash your hands.

Activity 2: Taking an Order

1.     Gather all materials.
2.     Pick one student to be a customer and one student to be a waiter or waitress.
3.     The waiter or waitress must have clean hands.  Wash your hands with soap and water.
4.     Set the table, but do not put the plate on the table yet.  Use the Activity 1 instructions as a guide if needed.
5.     Show the customer to the table.  Greet your customer.  You may say “Welcome!” or “How are you today?”
6.     Give him or her a menu.
7.     Give your customer a glass of water.  Get your guest check and pencil.
8.     Ask the customer if he or she is ready to order.  You may say “May I take your order?” or “Are you ready to order?”
9.     The customer will use the menu to order four different items, including a drink.  As the customer orders, mark your guest check.
10.   Using the guest check, find the correct food from the picture cards.
11.   Put the correct picture cards on the plate.  This is your customer’s food.  Serve the customer his or her food.
12.   Use the calculator to add the items ordered on the guest check.  Write the total on the bottom of the guest check.
13.   Give the guest check to the customer.  Put the check upside down on the table.
14.   Thank the customer for coming in to the restaurant to eat.  You may say “Thank you for coming in today!” or “We appreciate your business, have a great day.”
15.   The customer will look at the guest check.  He or she will count out the correct amount of money and pay the waiter or waitress.  The customer will leave the table.
16.   Put your materials away.
17.   Wash your hands.

Activity 3: Busing the Table

1.     Gather all materials.
2.     Set the table for two people.
3.     Take bus tub to the table.
4.     Place heavy plates in the middle of the tub.
5.     Place smaller plates and bowls on each side of heavy plates to keep tub balanced.
6.     Put glasses in the tub. Do NOT stack.
7.     Put silverware in tub.
8.     Put dirty napkins and other trash into tub.
9.     Leave salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup and steak sauce on table.
10.   Carefully carry bus tub to kitchen. Keep heavy side near your body.
11.   Wipe off table.
12.   Wipe off ketchup and other containers.
13.   Ask your teacher if you should reset the table. If yes, then reset table.
14.   Wash your hands.
15.   Put all materials away.

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