Wisconsin Partners With Vocational Rehab and High Schools for Pre-ETS Success

At the recent Texas Conference on Transition, experts from across the country weighed in what the WIOA mandate for Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) means in practice. Again and again, presenters commented that though implementation may look a little different everywhere, collaboration between public school special education classrooms and local vocational rehabilitation counselors will be key to student success.

Get Connected

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has taken positive steps to clarify exactly how critical interagency partnerships will function within the state. The DPI webpage devoted to transition planning for students with disabilities provides comprehensive access to information, resources, and contact information for all involved stakeholders at both the state and school levels.


Roles Clarified and Defined

Parents, students, teachers, and vocational rehabilitation counselors can find detailed and actionable descriptions of their roles and responsibilities in transition planning within the Transition Access Guide.  Built as a collaborative project between all stakeholder agencies, the 70-page Transition Access Guide is a printable reference of every resource and benefit available to students along their post-secondary transition path.

Project Discovery applauds Wisconsin’s work to make transition planning information widely clear and accessible. Through the #EmbraceTheMandate series, we will continue to highlight best practices in WIOA compliant Pre-ETS provision from across the country. Stay tuned for more solutions!

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