All students need excellent social and emotional skills to become job and life ready! This package provides key social and life skills that prepare learners to successfully communicate, interact and perform at home, in school, in the community, and at a job. 
Ideal for ALL Learners, including those with Special Needs.
50+ Hours of Instruction per Toolkit
50+ Hours of Instruction per Toolkit
Digital Badge Credentials Offered
Online Training


Our comprehensive package is correlated to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL):


+ Accurate Self-Perception
+ Self-Confidence

Social Awareness

+ Appreciating Diversity
+ Respect for Others

Decision Making

+ Identifying Problems
+ Analyzing Situations
+ Solving Problems

Relationship Skills

+ Communication
+ Social Engagement
+ Relationship-Building
+ Teamwork


+ Goal Setting
+ Organizational Skills
+ Stress Management
+ Self-Motivation


This one-time purchase meets the social and emotional needs of your students for years to come!  This package contains two differentiated levels of instruction [3rd-4th grade reading level and 6th-8th grade reading level] for each topic area. Instruction is adaptable for all learners, including those with special needs.
Opportunity is provided to earn Digital Badge Credentials for mastering skills in the package.

Titles Included in this Package

+ Planning Career Goals
+ Positive Attitudes in Getting a Job
+ Expectations on the Job
+ Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
+ Written Communication
+ Time Management
+ Cyberbullying
+ Bullying
+ Problem Solving
+ Conflict Resolution
+ Self Esteem
+ Friendship Basics
+ Teamwork
+ Social Skills
+ Showing Respect
+ Diversity Awareness
+ Self Determination
+ Workplace Bullying

Each Title Includes

+ Instructor’s Notes
+ Student Competencies
+ Interactive PowerPoint Pre-Post Tests
+ Tutorial PowerPoints
+ Functional Academic Worksheets
+ Word Search and Matching Worksheets
+ Scope & Sequence
+ Rubrics
+ Certificates of Completion
+ Assessment Checklist

Explicit Instructional Strategies Include

+ Differentiated, Competency-Based Instruction
+ Digital Files for Technology Compatibility
+ Easy to Use and Administer
+ Complete Units with over 10 Hrs Per Level
+ Assistive Technology – Audio Reads Thru Lower Level PowerPoints
+ Supports Remote Learning!