Special Education Transition

Special Education Transition

Activities That Support a Compliant Transition Plan.

Project Discovery provides a coordinated set of activities to support a compliant Transition Plan. Through Project Discovery, students will learn about realistic interests, strengths and preferences and be better prepared to make an informed decision about their post-secondary outcomes. These federally-mandated transition service requirements assure students are receiving the curriculum, instruction and experiences needed to further skills toward each of the post-secondary outcomes. This is a daunting task without a well-coordinated program. Project Discovery is that program!

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Project Discovery supports Indicators 13 and 14:

  • Project Discovery provides a comprehensive transition system to help students learn about their interests, strengths, and abilities, provides a hands-on career education curricula that integrates academics into job skill tasks, supports career-decision making, and provides skills training and independent living skills. Supports for IEP’s are embedded in the system including assessments, work performance benchmarks, and measureable goals.

  • Measurable goals.
    INDICATOR 14 Post-School Outcomes-Project Discovery provides skills training and independent living skills, which will increase successful transition outcomes. Students will be better prepared to make meaningful decisions regarding post-school education or training after experiencing Project Discovery.

  • Assessment components in Project Discovery provide data to document students’ present levels of functional performance and monitor progress gains.  This includes both knowledge-based and performance-based assessments in career areas, specific job tasks and independent living skills, through the Pre-Post Tests, Work Performance Benchmarks and Assessment Checklists.

    Career Development kits include Pre-Post Tests and Work Performance Benchmarks for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels of job skill tasks.  The Adapted component (for students with the most challenges) includes a modified Pre-Post assessment with audio supports.  Skills Training modules include Pre-Post Testing and Work Performance Benchmarks.  The Achieve Life Skills multimedia components cover such areas as job prep & employability skills, independent living skills, self-confidence & social skills, and health & nutrition. They include Pre- and Post-Tests for differentiated levels of learning including a 3rd-4th grade reading level and a 6th-8th grade reading level for each individual title, as well as an additional Assessment Checklist component for the higher reading level.

Meeting all transition requirements was impossible…until we found the solution-Project Discovery! It helps us do an excellent job for our students. With all the audits and monitoring, our district improved Indicator 13 compliance to 100%!

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