Evidence-Based Discovery.

Evidence-Based Practices

Multiple Supports for Diverse Learners.

Project Discovery is built upon a foundation of research on the effectiveness of applied, hands-on instruction in career education and skills training. Effective instructional methods that address multiple learning styles provide support for at-risk and special populations.

There are many evidence-based practices incorporated into the curriculum. These strategies have been established through peer-reviewed research as effective for individuals with autism and other disabilities.

Evidence-Based Practices:
Project Discovery Offers:
  • Video Modeling
  • Systematic Instruction
  • Visual Supports
  • Progress Monitoring and Performance Evaluation
  • Social Communication and Behavior Activities
  • Hands-On Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction (Universal Design for Learning)
  • Academic Standards & Alternate Assessments
  • Correlations to Standards
  • Video Modeling of all activities in the Adapted kits
  • Student Instructions utilizing System of Least Prompts and Constant Time Delay
  • Visual Schedules and Real Life Photos throughout
  • Data Sheets
  • Role Plays, Situation Cards, Bingo and Vocabulary Boards
  • Hands-On Activities Utilizing Real Tools
  • Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement
  • Assessments and Integrated Academics
  • Correlated to Common Core State Standards and Alternate Assessments

Experience Our Curriculum

  • Hear It.

  • See it.

    Play It

  • Do it.

    Show Me

Adapted Titles Include:
  • Video Modeling
  • Visual Supports
  • Systematic Instructional Procedures

Project Discovery supports Universal Design for Learning tenets and includes social and communication supports proven to enhance learning.

The goal of Universal Design for Learning is to provide flexible instructional strategies to the classroom so that all students benefit. Students’ different learning styles must be acknowledged and supported, and the curriculum must be flexible and multi-faceted. This is particularly important to students with special needs.

Each Project Discovery kit offers activities that utilize multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.

Dr. Amy Spriggs: Evidence-Based Practices

61.7 %

Average Post-Test Increase for Child Care Kit

This has been like Christmas to me... I would give anything to have the entire set of kits!

K. Bain

Special Education Instructor, Bardstown High School, KY

Each hands-on kit offers activities that utilize multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.

Dr. Spriggs

Autism and Severe Disabilities Expert, University of Kentucky

It is critical that educators implement curricular models that have evidence-based research, such as Project Discovery, to meet the academic standards as mandated, and also prepare students to transition to employment as mandated by IDEA. When students are provided a curriculum that has real world applications, an instructor can provide a new pathway toward learning.

Dr. Izzo

The Ohio State University, OH

Job Ready. Life Ready.

Life-learning begins with discovery.

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