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Remote Learning: at Home, in Class or with a Hybrid Schedule

Our dynamic curriculum provides a blended/hybrid approach to support the best of both worlds—hands-on learning and virtual learning Students can perform activities with both Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills while at home and then pick up when back in the classroom—never missing a beat!

All of our curriculum files come in a digital format (PPT, Word, PDF) loaded onto a USB drive.  Our current Site License is offered on a building-wide basis.  Through 6/30/2021, we have relaxed our Site License agreement to support educators at home:

  1. We are allowing educators to use our curriculum with students at home.  Then teachers may adapt our curriculum to the different platforms they are using for virtual learning (see below)!
  2. To help minimize the digital divide, we are also offering the ability for educators to duplicate our curriculum for take-home packets for those students with limited internet access.

In addition, we can support educators who may not have been able to take our digital files home by providing them through a file sharing site (Google drive, Dropbox). If we can help you adapt your curriculum to remote learning:


Suggestions for Remote Learning

Many individual curriculum components can be leveraged to support career exploration and life skills education in a remote learning environment.

Project Discovery: Career Exploration

  • Pre-Post Tests

Teachers may load pre-post tests into an online application (e.g. Google Forms, Cahoot) to administer remotely.

  • Modeling Kit Activities

Teacher may provide their own modeling of hands-on activities using a video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet).

  • Hands-On Activities at Home

Many of our kits can be completed at home with students following our instructions and using common items found around the house.  See below for the most popular remote learning titles and suggested activities.

  • Evaluating Performance with Work Performance Benchmarks

Teachers can view student performance using a video conferencing platform or ask parents to video student performances.  Another option is for parents to complete and return the Work Performance Benchmark worksheet after evaluating student performance.

  • Worksheets

Many of the kits have worksheets that may be completed and returned to the teacher.  For example — in the Caregiver kit, students could take vital signs then complete the TPR and Graphic Nurse’s Notes forms; in the Retailing kit students could use our Purchase Order forms and Inventory worksheets to order merchandise and conduct inventory.

  • Post-Session Activities

Teachers may assign additional tasks related to the main activity such as reflection on the experience or research on careers in the community.

Project Discovery: Career Exploration (Adapted)

  • Video Modeling 

Our Adapted curriculum includes Video Modeling to support students with more severe challenges.  This  video demonstration of each activity is ideal for consistency of instruction during remote learning.  The teacher may share the video clips with the students using video conferencing platforms.

Achieve Life Skills

  • Entire Curriculum 

Our life skills curriculum consists of 62 titles offering instruction in key employability and life skills.  These titles do not require any hands-on elements and can be entirely administered using the methods outlined above.

The Life Skills titles are very easy to transition from in the classroom instruction to online instruction, using Google Classroom.  I was able to use the information and format it to reach all of my learners, while still being interactive and checking for comprehension.  Even without working on these skills in the classroom, the online format helped to enforce the skills learned, while being at home during the stay-at-home order.

Brooke Wendt

Job Training Coordinator, Medina County Career Center, OH

Suggested Curriculum for Working from Home

All of our Achieve Life Skills titles are ideal for students engaging in virtual learning or working from their home. Titles such as Basic HygienePassive Recreation and Study Skills are especially relevant to this environment.
Some of our Project Discovery Career Exploration Kits are also appropriate for use with remote learning:

Greenhouse Work

Activity 1 – Testing seeds for germination
Activity 8 – Building a small greenhouse
Examples of Needed Materials: seeds, containers for soil, shoe box, plastic film, floral wire/wire supports

Child Care

Activity 1 – Lifting and carrying the baby
Activity 2 – Feeding the baby
Activity 3 – Diapering the baby
Activity 4 – Dressing the baby
Activity 7 – Swaddling the baby
Examples of Needed Materials: baby doll, diapers, clothes, blanket

Skin & Nail Care

Activity 4 – Applying foundation, blusher and lip color
Activity 7 – Manicuring
Examples of Needed Materials: makeup and fingernail polish

Health & Nutrition

Activity 1 – Keeping a Food Log
Activity 3 – Setting calorie requirements and planning healthy meals
Examples of Needed Materials: food models or pictures of foods

Advertising & Editorial Design

Activity 1 – Doodling
Activity 2 – Drawing from Memory
Activity 3 – Visualizing Odors
Activity 4 – Drawing from the Sense of Touch
Activity 5 – Taste and Art
Activity 6 – Your Personal Interests
Activity 7 – Learning about Layouts
Activity 8 – Putting Together a Layout
Activity 9 – Patterns with Straight Lines
Activity 10 – Tracing Lettering
Activity 11 – Drawing an Advertisement
Examples of Needed Materials: pens, markers, etc.


Activities 2-5 – Learning about taking vital signs
Activity 9 – Planning Activities
Examples of Needed Materials: thermometers, BP cuff, stethoscope, forms

Cleaning Maintenance

Activity 3 – Inside window and mirror cleaning
Activity 4 – Outside window cleaning
Activity 5 – Wall washing
Activity 8 – Restroom Cleaning
Examples of Needed Materials: typical cleaning supplies

Food Service

Activity 2 – Preparing attractive meals
Activity 3 – Planning for quantity cooking
Examples of Needed Materials: food models or pictures of food

Guidance Documents for Remote & Hybrid Learning

Education Associates knows that today’s Educators need the tools to teach in a variety of environments.  These guidelines provide general and curriculum-specific ‘best practices’ for delivering instruction remotely and using a hybrid model.

For further information on using our curriculum for remote learning, including assistance accessing or sharing titles, please call 800-626-2950, send us a message or schedule a webinar!

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